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Welcome to the NPSP Reports & Dashboards installer!

The NPSP Reports & Dashboards come with new Trials and installations of NPSP starting at version 3.90 (February 2017). If you started a Trial or installed NPSP before this version, use this installer to add the Reports and Dashboards. For complete information on the NPSP Reports & Dashboards, see the NPSP Reports Workbook
This installer requires the 5 Opportunity record types included in the standard Nonprofit Starter Pack trial template, and will create them if they don't exist in your org. The installer searches for the record types by Developer Name (not label), so if you changed the Developer Names of the original record types, the installer will add them again. The record type Developer Names are as follows:

Installing from Github

This installer will install unmanaged metadata directly from the project's repository on Github (

Branch, Tag, or Commit: master

Connect to Salesforce

You must be connected to a Salesforce organization to run the installer.

NOTE: Your login information only remains cached during the installation.